One Year


Wow! It's hard to believe but it's been one whole year in Austin. One year ago today I flew with my girlies across a whole lot of desert to reach our new little home. I have fallen much in love with this beautiful and crazy city. Just feels like home already - a place I don't want to ever leave. I've recently finished a continuing education course series on native gardening and it's made me feel even more connected to Austin. It's just wonderful to be somewhere that people take such pride in the spirit of a place - looking forward and back at the same time. I never expected to love Texas of all places. But Austin just fits.

And I love my house.

And I love the trees. Always with the trees.


Denise said...

We miss the trees--we understand, but we still miss you too! So glad you are loving it there. It seems like a perfect place for your family.

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