Tessa's got talent


Tessa had participated in the 2nd grade talent show today. It made me want to be a 2nd grade teacher. Well not really because environmental noise levels and my personal sanity are closely intertwined, but I was for that 50 minutes deeply in love with eight year olds. It just seemed such a precious age to me, right on the cusp before self consciousness sets in for good. The fact that the little girl playing a violin solo got high fives from the boys on in her class because she was "awesome", or that a little boy singing karaoke could get the whole grade clapping and swaying along to Drift Away, or that a piano solo on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star got all the kids bopping along like it was still fresh and cool - all just too precious to me.

Tessa's group did a cheer routine. I've been hearing her talk for weeks about her classmates hoisting her up in the air and I've certainly done my fair share of fretting about this since there are no adults supervising this "practice", but no one fell completely splat and she was smiling big so we'll call it a success.


Naomi said...

Man, that is so cool. Why don't we keep on supporting each other in that way through high school and beyond?

Pam said...

Many years ago I taught 2nd grade and they were the best! Still one of my favorite grades to sub.

Kari said...

You mean no one gave us high fives after "leader of the pack"?

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