Safari adventure, Texas style


We went to the Exotic Resort Zoo today which is just outside of Johnson City which is just outside of nowhere. Ah Texas and its small towns. The safari style zoo was such a fantastic time. We rode on along behind a tractor through the owner's acreage and got to hand feed dozens of animals seriously up close. There are far too many pictures our our adventure and the animals here on our SmugMug site. I think there must be some crazy Texas laws/attitudes that make it the cool thing to own your own African wildlife because there are quite a handful of these private zoos across the countryside. After our wild adventure we went to Fredericksburg to enjoy a little German lunch at a Biergarten and shopping down Main Street. Homemade fudge anyone? Yum!


Naomi said...

The zoo sounds like fun! Ever since reading Life of Pi, I am no longer morally uncomfortable with zoos. There's one load off. Wish I could get behind fudge, though. Why is it always gritty? Don't brownies beat fudge in every contest of texture? Anyway, sounds like you had a fun Memorial Day weekend.

I think Dirk is applying at a couple places in Austin for fun. I like texas, actually, but he says the only cities that he finds passable are San Antonio and Austin. Most of his family is in Houston.

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