My degree finally pays off


This is probably one of my favorite math moments of all time. It all boils down to this guy saying that if there are two possible outcomes then there is a fifty/fifty chance of either of them happening. No matter that one of the possible outcomes is so removed that it's not really a possibility at all. Soooooo funny (and more than a little pathetic).

On a more serious note though, this story illustrates a frustration I have with conservative media and politicians and the growing sentiment I've seen with disregard for science. The fact that this Walter guy was taken seriously as put up as an expert by some of the news network is a total farce. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean the scientific community doesn't know what its talking about.

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Dana said...

Do you think the non-conservative media are any better at getting the facts right? I think most media talking heads are not very bright when it comes to science. Where do they get these 'experts' anyway? IMO most of what we see is self-promotion rather than the unbiased exposition of the facts.

Amber said...

I agree that when you're listening to the pundits and people payed just to have an opinion then pretty much no one gets it right. I guess I'm looking for people/media with my best interest in mind instead of their own. Tough to find.

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