Glory Days


Joining Facebook has got me going back through my yearbooks perusing. I mean who doesn't want to relive these glorious memories? All I remember from this day going to pose for our "senior ad" was the jailer dude telling us about us being in the same cell as the creepy dude from the Ogden Hi Fi murders. Something about making people drink Drano. A lot of high school is spotty to me, but that seems like a strange memory to have.

Awesome photo, right? I'm sure all the ladies with me that day will be thanking me later for posting.


Audra said...

Great photo. Creepy looking guy. (sorry)

Amber - you still look like you. Isn't that nice to know? You didn't get unrecognizible. You look simply marvelous.

Naomi said...

This picture is awesome. I have to ask, though, how that guy got that girl to sit on his lap?

Kari said...

Oh my, WOW!! I haven't seen that picture in a long while. I especially like that we all have 'beauty spots'. OK, now I'm feeling nostalgic and I miss you!

I'm pretty anti-facebook mostly because I don't trust myself with my own time. So thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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