Baby Alive stalker version


Sylvie is in mommy mode lately and has been toting her "baby alive" around all day. She took it in the car this morning for our trip to pre-school and asked me to babysit her while she was at school. Sure, sure. Well, I left her in the car and forgot all about it. When I got back into the car to go get Sylvie later the baby started giggling and gurgling and I about jumped out of my skin. There might have been a bad word uttered. And don't tell me I'm the only one that is paranoid about creepy dudes jumping out of the back of my car to strangle me dead.

After I picked her up, Sylvie grilled me to find out if I had left the baby in the car or if I had really taken care of her. I lied :-)


Carla said...

This made me laugh out loud!

Naomi said...

I am laughing so hard right now. Serves you right for neglecting the Baby Alive!!

Sarah said...

Oh, so hilarious! A coworker of mine used to put up a motion-activated talking skull on her office door at Halloween. His name was Skully, of course, and he freaked me out one morning when I was the first one in the office. I turned on the light & heard, "I see you!" I almost peed my pants.

Anna said...

seriously almost just peed my pants just now.

jeez amber, why you gotta neglect an innocent baby!

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