Mommy sanctioned dirty fingernails


Sylvie has been bugging me for weeks to be able to plant some flowers. She wanted to plant them from seed (which we also did) but as an insurance policy I decided to let her and Tessa each take a planter in the back yard and fill it full of colorful annuals. We went to Lowe's and they each picked out their favorites then we took them home and got dirty.

It's rainy crazy huge today so they should be well watered. I should be happy for the rain but I have errands that I want to run and it's keeping me home bound for the time being. Feeling stir crazy.


Karen said...

Maybe this is too personal, but Grandma sat here and cried looking at these pictures .. I miss you all so much and it's hard not to be part of the party sometimes. :) Such fun, such beautiful happy kids. Little flowers watering the flowers ..

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