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Last night I watched Why We Fight, a documentary mostly about the Iraq war, but also about the American machinery and mechanisms that more often than not lead to war rather than other means of conflict resolution. I've been wanting to watch this film for a while but recently reading the director's book The American Way of War put it back in my sights. The film was excellent and upsetting in the best kind of way. I highly recommend it as it really gives you a larger view of why we ended up in the current quagmire.

I very much enjoy inputs along this line, but sometimes get the feeling that I'm only reinforcing my own biases. While I feel Jarecki did an excellent job of remaining balanced and truthful (this is not Michale Moore after all), it's just hard for me to know if I feel that way because I'm already predisposed in that direction. So I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to a counter view point (if you haven't read my previous political posts this means things more leaning to the right than the left). Magazines, TV, books, documentaries - whatever it is I feel like I need a fair balance. I find myself becoming more and more angry and bitter about politics, especially viewpoints that don't agree with mine. I want to at least understand the whole picture so I can feel like my outrage is justified (that's a slight joke there). Please do not, I repeat DO NOT suggest Fox News. Not gonna happen. Suggestions anyone?


Katherine Darrow said...

I'm with you on this.
Unfortunately, as with so many issues, it's about money. How many people/families do you know that are dependent on incomes that are related to military support? How many people do you know who joined ROTC/military to let taxpayers pay their way through college?

There are no good excuses for war. Especially invasions and "pre-emptive" war. Defense is an entirely different issue.

Sorry, haven't come across any media that present a cogent argument in for war, but if I do, I'll pass it on.

Question though: Why is violence considered "PG" rather than "R"? Why do we think it is okay to expose kids, and even glamorize violence but not romantic love?

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