Big walk


Our church and our library are right next door to each other and only a lovely walk away across a greenbelt path. (This was a major selling point of our neighborhood.) I've walked home by myself from church a handful of times but was trying to find a way to take Tessa with me. Well, today she was wanting a book on paper airplanes from the library so I suggested we walk. It's about a half an hour away at a leisurely (meaning girlie) pace so I knew it would push her endurance but figured she could handle it. It was a great time we had and I'm thrilled at this new option.

Here's a slide show of our trek. Greenbelt the whole way other than crossing two roads. So lovely.


The way there was great but she was pretty tired on the way back and to be honest it was getting a little warm. I pretty much dragged her the whole way home, but her giggles told me that she was still having fun even though she protested the whole way.


I got a wonderful education on 2nd grade politics along the way. I've noticed it takes Tessa away from normal life (mostly away from her nose in a book) and a little bit of lag time to open up so this was the perfect venue. Good day.


keri said...

That is a gorgeous walk. Wish I had something that pretty to walk by. All I have is sand and sagebrush. *sigh* One of the drawbacks of living in the desert.

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