Spring is here!


I walked home from church today and was enthralled by all the color that is popping out around me. We still have some green trees in the winter, but a lot of them do that whole seasonal thing. (What a novelty!) The fresh green is appearing up and down our street, such a lovely and optimistic color.

My favorite is the top center. I have been noticing these on my half a block walk to pick Tessa up from school each day and loving their heavenly scent. And then just last week I noticed that I have one in my very own front yard. How's that for a lovely surprise?

Bonus points if you can tell me what any of them are. My knowledge of trees and flowers is embarrassingly lacking.


Kari said...

Don't rub it in. The only thing green arouhd here are a sprouting of weeds eating through my lovely gravel surronding my home. Someday I'll figure out the whole gardening thng.

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