Spring Break day four


The beautiful weather continues and we are gung ho to capitalize on it. We went with friends to Zilker Botanical Garden today and it was fantastic. So green and beautiful, lots of color too this time of year. I haven't seen daffodils in years and they are one of my favorites. I can't believe we hadn't been there before today and certainly will be making much more regular stops from this point forward.

We took a picnic lunch for after our walk about and then stopped off at Sugar Mama's for a cupcake. Do I seem obsessed with cupcakes? Truly I am not, but their lemon cupcake was an out of body experience. Completely charming little bakery. I have no idea how you can generate enough revenue to keep a store front going with nothing but cupcakes (and a few other treats) on your menu, but Austin is certainly the place to do it.

More pics (and some others I had neglected to upload in the craziness of the past months) at our smugmug site.


Denise said...

Wow! The botanical garden looks really gorgeous! I think you MAY be becoming obsessed with cupcakes! :-) It'll keep you young!

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