Spring Break day five


And day five found me driving my lovely girls down south to San Antonio for a quick trip to Sea World (poor Dave was enjoying the day in cubicle world). Yes, crazy crowded - we're not the only one's looking to get out during spring break. But the weather was divine and it was a pleasure just be outside.

The defining moment of the day came when Tessa talked me into sitting front and center in the "splash zone" for the Shamu show. This was, simply put, a crazy idea and one never to be repeated. Killer whales taste yucky. We did get a fantastic view when the whale came up on the platform not even 20 feet away, but still not sure it was worth it when you net out the disgusting sticky mess that we were for the rest of the day. Live and learn, eh?


Dana said...

To paraphrase an old saying:

"A sticky day with Shamu beats a good day in cubicle world"

Sarah said...

What a sweet picture of you and your girls! That will be a great memory for them...way to sacrifice, mom!

Kari said...

What fun! I'm glad your Spring break was delicious.

ps Please enlarge and frame that picture.

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