My baby don't need no cake


Tessa's not a big fan of cake, so we went with ice cream sundaes for the birthday treat. It was really just an excuse for her to eat maraschino cherries, which she adores. I think she ate 12! Mint chocolate chip was her choice with candy bits piled on top. Just CHOCOLATE for my Sylvie.


Amy said...

I am laughing right now. I asked Jared what he wanted for his birthday a cake or pie or brownies etc and his choice was. . . . ice cream sundaes!!!! Oh and he said he isn't inviting girls to his birthday party but if Tessa still lived here she could come because she is a cool girl, lol. All this unsolicited of course! He still thinks it is weird that Tessa and Alec won't be getting baptized with him.

Denise said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! We miss you so much! I looks like you had a great time. You are a girl after your mom's heart--all ice cream and candy!

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