Happy Birthday to my first baby


Eight years! That is certainly not how long it feels. I'm sure you all understand when I say that it has felt like eternity and also just a flash since that day when I became a mother. My Tessa is a beautiful girl - friendly, smart, happy, helpful, inquisitive, (mostly) obedient, and a general joy to be around. I am overwhelmed with her in a fantastic way and mostly just try to stay out of her way as I watch her become a fantastic young woman.

For all her wonderfulness, Tessa is not terribly keen on taking pictures right now (or brushing her hair as you can clearly see). Meanwhile, Sylvie's sitting on the side, "Take a picture of me Mom, take a picture of me!"


Audra said...

Happy late birthday. Tessa - YOU ROCK! (and we miss you)

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