Am I the crazy one?


Sylvie makes me smile so big (when she's not making me pull my hair out). Here's a conversation we had today after I picked her up from pre-school:

Sylvie: Mom! So-and-so is coming to my house today! And I'm going to her house too! (Trust me, the exclamation points are warranted.)

Me: That's great. But we don't know where she lives.

S: (Pause) Then she'll come to my house and pick me up.

M: But she doesn't know where we live.

S: Then we can go pick her up.

M: Honey, we don't know where she lives.

S: Mom! (big exasperation) Look on your map!

At which point I break into hilarious laughter because for all intents and purposes she has won the argument.


Dana said...

You can't argue with reason like that!

keri said...

I love conversations like that. I figure they keep adults young!

Denise said...

Yes, you are obviously the crazy one! She makes perfect sense mom! :-)

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