Play on!


We drove South on Hwy 183 today to Palmetto State Park to stretch our legs and enjoy the sunshine. Most of the greenery was gone, but it was still good to get out. My girls got a hold of my camera and some pretty silly pictures resulted. We'll call it art.

The most amusing part of the hike was the interesting fellows we met along the trail. We passed through four or five clusters of people dressed up in hodge podge medieval garb acting out battles and strategies of some sort. They seemed to be pretty embarrassed that we caught them in the act and would kind of freeze as we walked by, giving furtive glances at each other, waiting for us to move on by. After we were a short distance away I would hear them shout, "Play on!" Highly amusing to us modern folk. I tried to get a picture of them but I was to embarrased for them to do it close enough to really get a good shot. They weren't as well dressed as the monty python gang, but their rediculousness was certainly on par.


Jackijo said...

You might want to check this out. They could have been practicing for something like this. I took my kids to this one year and it was enthralling. I talked to people who come from all over just to participate in this. There were hundreds of people out on a field hitting each other with sticks. They had rules about dying and then they could be resurrected after a certain amount of time.

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