Good things about today


  • Grape Nuts and a banana for breakfast. Breakfast is a simple pleasure for me and that's one of my favs.
  • I have lots of good music to listen to as loud as I want while I work in my lovely yellow office.
  • My house is (relatively) clean. Can breathe.
  • Got to go on a walk with the dog and my girls. It's 73 degrees this afternoon.
  • My girls are beautiful and healthy and smart and fun.
  • Finally found a yoga class to go to. So good to get out.
The list of not so nice things about today would probably be longer. But that's just because I'm occasionally a grump, not really an indicator of the balance of my life.


Karen said...

The simplest of things are usually the best and last the longest and you can often do them again and again :) ... I hear ya ...

Audra said...

Your list is long enough. Love it. Miss hearing from you.

Naomi said...

Hey, way to go! Makes me feel sheepish about my "List of Bad Things." It's just harder to notice the good things some days, but you inspire me. Bet you didn't know you'd be changing the world, one post at a time!

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