Be my friend


I have gone back and forth since the inception of this little blog about the notion of a blog roll. The main reason I wish I had one is because I know I have benefited from others' and the stumble-upon way that I have found new and old friends through them. And so I've decided instead to add the "followers" widget to my blog sidebar. Please feel free to add your cute self to the list. You don't have to be a blogger to do so (or particularly cute).

I would also encourage others (especially those of you with private blogs - please, please!) to add the followers widget because then blogger/google will tell me when you update. Efficiency people.


Kari said...

OK,OK, you know I'm a fan... But please don't make me add a picture to my blogger profile (not because I'm not cute, but because I can only push so many buttons so oftemn :))

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