My friend Kathy, a wonderful writer, posted on her blog about the act of writing and asked why blog? I began to comment on her blog and decided to post here instead.

Such an interesting question. I think I blog primarily because this is the one way of leaving a personal record that seems to have really stuck for me. I've never been much of a journaler and I love knowing that there is going to be something left of me to document my craziness for my daughters. Or even for me in a few years when these memories have blurred together. Personal stories can get lost so quickly - sometimes it doesn't even take a generation.

I also blog because it makes me feel connected to my family and friends that are close and far. I have felt somewhat liberated knowing that the different facets of my personality are somewhat synthesized together here amongst these posts. Obviously there are still parts of me that are kept private (a girl's got to have her mysteries), but I feel more like a whole person putting these things out for all to read.

Thanks Kathy.


Katherine Darrow said...

Hi Amber, I'm glad that my musings made you think about your own! I am growing to love this new form of communication quite a bit!

Fa la la la la, la la la la!!!
Kathy D.

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