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We've been playing a lot of family games at home the past week or so. Something I remember fondly from my childhood and a more palatable way for me to play with my girls than Barbies or Littlest Pet Shop. I'm always on constant lookout for good games for the girls that don't make me want to run away screaming. (Princess Monopoly anyone?) Here are some of our favorites:

Whoonu is a fantastic family game or party game. Even the littles can participate. The gist is to figure out how much you know (or don't know about the other players' personal preferences and favorites. Total classic.

We just bought Triple Triumph a few days ago and I'm pretty much thrilled with it. Strategy game that is easy to pick up. Tessa does really well at it and even Sylvie gets the basic concept. But still interesting/challenging enough for the adults.Pente was my favorite to play with my dad. Another strategy game with simple concept but can be very challenging if your opponent is worthy. It's only two player unless you want to do teams. Tessa just learned it a few weeks ago and she already loves it. Sylvie kind of gets it, so we can "play" but it will be a while until she can really play on her own.

Blokus is another great strategy game for up to four players. (Noticing a trend here?) Both my girls like it but it will be a while until they are able to really max out on it.

A classic. If you haven't played Pass the Pigs then you're missing out.

Set a tricky one. It is definitely one for older kids. Tessa can play it, but it always takes her a few rounds to get the concept back in her head. I love this game.

I don't really play this game much, so I don't know if it qualifies for a family game, but Hyper Dash is just quite amazing and deserves mention here. It's a game that is endlessly adaptable from toddlers just learning their colors to older kids and perhaps even silly teenagers. A very active game too that will certainly send your kids to bed tired.

Anyone else have a favorite to add to the list?


keri said...

My mom use to teach Set to her first graders. By the end of the year, they could find sets faster than any adult they went up against. It's a bit humiliating being stomped by a 6 year old!

Pam said...

I'm ashamed to say that I have trouble getting my 11 year old to branch out from Yahtzee and Sorry. Those look like good ones to try.

Jackijo said...

Set is a great game loved by my 22 year-old math genius daughter. When the kids get older try Settlers of Cataan, Power Grid, Pirates Cove and our newest one Dominion. We get a new game every year so I will try to think of some others ones that have been hits.

Denise said...

Thanks for introducing us to Whoonu! We finally bought it this Christmas--I love this game and that it can include everyone. We also found a fun one similar this Christmas called The Game of Things. It's fun with a big group too.

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