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So for reasons that are still somewhat unknown to me, I decided to venture out into the larger blogging world today. Just googling around for some funny or interesting things to read - needing a distraction today I guess. I was a little late in discovering this small mommy/personal narrative niche of the blogging world so I guess it's not surprising that I'm late in discovering the rest of the blogging world as well. There were two things that immediately struck me. First: I am not as long winded as I thought. Some of these people are in serious need of an editor. I am looking for a momentary distraction, not your personal treatise on all things wrong/funny/wonderful with the world. Secondly: Wow! There are certainly a lot of people with things to say. And I am in serious need of some navigational help. Anyone have any amusing blogs or web sites that they find charming? Again, I'm looking for a two minute break when my brain hurts from work, not any kind of serious committment.

I did get a tip on cakewrecks which looked to be mildly amusing in small doses. And I do find Stuff White People Like more than a little funny. I love the Onion too but that's old news. But what am I missing people? I need tips.


Amy said...

I am no help. I honestly don't really read any blogs of people I don't know. I do occassionally check out photographers blogs but that is about it.

organized1 said...

I have a link on mine to Discovery Channel won't give me my own parenting show. It is from a stay at home dad with 2 little girls in Cananda. Occasionally he'll use curse words, but I think he is pretty funny!

Audra said...
love this blog, mother who lost a child and her life through this, great writer.
This blog is one I check sometimes, but it has good ideas for scripture study.
this one is the best! Funny, quirky, mom and writer.
mom advice. I wrote her once about potty training. I like some things she says, but don't agree with everything.
Last one. Fun first time mom. I first found her on her blog becoming home.

I also love pioneer woman, but she went pro and has a website, but I liked her better in her blogs days.

Nothing political, but fun for me to keep up with these.


Amber said...

Well wahoo! I'll never get anything done at work again :-)

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