Yes we can


Being out of town and a different kind of busy, I wasn't able to catch all of Barack Obama's acceptance speech on Tuesday night so I found it on YouTube this morning. I am excited and proud to have elected a president who represents so much of the good that I hope for our country. His speech making is so eloquent and inspiring. I know some people think this is simply a skill that can be dismissed as unessential to the office of president and perhaps even a false way of obtaining it. But I believe good speaking skills can demonstrate a deeper level of thinking, synthesizing those thoughts, and then inspiring others to those higher planes. Essential for any leader. I am ready for a president that can inspire me to do more for my country. The President Elect's language was so inclusive; his positivism is such a breath of fresh air after years of fearmongering. I have been dismayed by the anti-scientific, anti-intellectual push that I have seen gaining steam in politics over the last several years and I hope we can move to a place where we inspire each other higher instead of pushing everyone down to the least common denominator. I know his presidency won't be perfect and rhetoric won't make the changes happen that we so dearly need. But I am hopeful, very hopeful.


Naomi said...

I must say, that was the best speech I've heard in a long time. It was exciting.

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