We are zoo people


We went to visit the San Antonio Zoo yesterday. We are definitely zoo people and were excited for our first Texas zoo experience. It was a really fun (and long) day. Kind of rainy in the morning, but cleared up to be a perfect day to be outside. The zoo is more compact than the Phoenix zoo, but really beautiful and has some good animals.

Feeding the Lorikeets was one of the best moments of the day. You buy a little cup of nectar then go into the enclosure to have dozens of birds come maul you for the sweet stuff. Tessa had one land on her head and was definitely alarmed, but didn't scare her away from the birds completely.

Anyone else remember these Mold-A-Rama machines from the zoos in your childhood? I was thrilled when I found these. Just the smell of the hot plastic brought back lots of memories. Tessa got an orange giraffe and Sylvie got a blue jaguar.

We capped off the day by going to see Madagascar II. Thought it was appropriate considering it stuck with the animal theme. The girls said it was, in their characteristic style, "the best day ever". Lots more pics here.


Audra said...

It looks like fun. It also looks like good weather. I love zoos, too.

Karen Malan said...

hopefully, I get this message thru this time. We're zoo people too. We love the San Antonio zoo. We've also been to the San Diego, Munich, Augsburg, Dusseldorf, Stuggart(Germany), Oklahoma City, Pueblo, Denver, Colo. Springs and Manhattan, Kansas!! love this blog!

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