Friendships are golden


I had a great time in Phoenix catching up with co-workers and friends. I got to see a lot of wonderful people, but these lovely ladies were the only ones fortunate enough to be with me when I remembered to pull out the camera. Among the four of us there are now 12 kids (although I seem to be pulling down the average) and we've shared a lot between us as they've grown up bit by bit.

Thanks so much to Audra and her family for letting me stay with them this past week. I love to watch the sparkle in your kids when your family plays and spends time together - the affection you all share is infectious. It's so beautiful getting private glimpses of other family's lives.

I can't say I'm glad to leave my family here in Austin and fly to Phoenix every few months, but it is a wonderful opportunity to maintain the fantastic connections I have with friends there. I miss you all!


Audra said...

Glad to see you too!

Can't wait till Jan. Give the girls a hug from me!

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