So I've been waiting to post to my blog until I had pictures of my living room and dining room that I painted Saturday (Yay me!). And I've been waiting to take pictures until I clean up the mess from painting. And I've been waiting to clean up the mess until I can inspect the walls to see if there are any spots needing more coverage. And I've been waiting to check the walls...

Seeing a pattern here? So yeah, life's just not exactly perfect when it comes to the getting everything done front. And I'm going to have to just learn to embrace that because it's only bound to get worse over the holidays. I'm having a really hard time accomplishing even a fraction of the stuff on my daily to-do list and while that bothers me, it's the rising stress levels that are really the problem. I need to take responsibility for at least that portion. Stuff may or may not get done, but I've got to remember to breathe.

So I painted and I'm thrilled! They rooms look great even though there won't be any actual furniture to inhabit them for quite some time. Baby steps here. I'll post pictures when... well, when I get around to it.


Audra said...

Interesting pattern.

I wish I had a room painted and waiting for pictures. YOU DO SO MUCH. I am excited to just hear from you stress and all.

Take care of yourself first.
The To Do List will follow.

Naomi said...

So proud of you for painting! You should just take the picture, mess and all. It will make the "after" shots that much more impressive and we all want to see the colors you've chosen.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see the paint! Who cares about the mess :)

Just think of your to do list as suggestions or guidelines of what you can use your time for. A list of the most useful things to do. Not a list of everything that HAS to get done NOW. Less stress that way.

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