Style? Who says I don't have style?


Took the girls shopping yesterday and let Sylvie get some new pants that aren't midway up her calf. She was getting ready for school this week and I saw her put on some jeans that I realized she has been wearing for over two years now. The girls is just barely four for goodness sake. My girls with their skinny bums tend to wear their pants until they're well beyond the point of capris. Anyway, I digress, the point of my post is to illustrate my girls' personal styles.

Sylvie is all about the pattern. She tends to prefer bold colors, but that is certainly a secondary attribute. She requires pattern. This is one of the outfits she chose and certainly I had to talk her out of a much more seriously bizarre combination. She is in the "soft pant" stage and prefers knits to jeans. For her matching has more to do with pattern: stripes and stripes or, her favorite, polka-dot with polka-dot.

Tessa's school shopping in August involved all combinations pink. This picture somewhat belies her absolute obsession with pink this year, but it does have some other characteristic traits of Tessa's personal style. The tank and the jeans have rhinestones. She has two of these tanks, one in pink and one in white and she will be found wearing one or the other every single weekend (I won't let her wear them to school). She loves flare jeans. If she found pink flare jeans with rhinestones on them I might not be able to be seen with her in public ever again.

But regardless of what their wearing, both of my girls are crazy and silly through and through.


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