No ninjas at this house


My girls are definitely used to these warm weather Halloweens. (Although last year being in Colorado was a treat.) A lovely 74 degrees this evening as we traipsed through the neighborhood. The glamorous movie star and the renaissance princess were accompanied by our friend the little mermaid.

I am flying to Phoenix tomorrow for a week at the office and I'm sure Dave will have all kinds of fun with two girls on sustained sugar highs. Our neighborhood was very generous this year. Sylvie voluntarily quit when her bag got too heavy and Tessa went around the block one more time with Dave to pick up a few more houses.

(Still no candy for me!)

There is a unidentified (to me) plant in our front yard that has just bloomed this week with fluffy white flowers. The monarchs love it and the girls were entranced by a handful of them flitting around while we got ready to start our trick-or-treating. Doesn't seem very spooky or appropriately Halloween-ish, but it made for some pretty pictures.


Matt and Melissa said...

Wow, your girls look so old, especially Tessa! Looks like you're having a blast in Texas. Our next Halloween will be in cold Utah!

Denise said...

The girls look beautiful! Looks like they had a delicious time!

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