Good peer pressure


I've decided not to eat ANY Halloween candy this year. This is a big deal for me because I have an enormous sweet tooth. But I never stop at just one, so I'm trying out the abstinence thing. I have my suspicions that sugar is causing more health woes that I'm ready to admit, so here's my first baby step in a healthier direction. I'm posting this in the hopes that publicly acknowledging my goal will help me stick to it. I've already thwarted Sylvie's best attempts at being fantastically generous to share her Trunk-or-Treat candy. She is a sweetie that way.

I love the chocolate stuff. Some favs: Twix, Milky Way Dark, Three Musketeers. Or whatever is left over in the bowl. I'll eat a Kit Kat or a Crunch bar if I have to, but only in my most desperate moments.


Audra said...

So I guess this means no tempting you when you are in town. DARN!

Amy said...

Good for you. Usually we buy a bag of candy to put in our pretty leaf candy dish for fall. I usually buy a small bag of yummy chocolate. And usually we pass out glow sticks so that we don't have any leftover candy at our house. I was going to forgo the bag of candy this year. But I got tooo many whines from my family. So we still ahve it. And we even havve pass out candy because my husband is worried we don't have enough glowsticks. We only have 200. Sigh. I may have to hide the candy. I LOVE chocolate.

Naomi said...

Go Amber, GO! I support you. If you can do this, you will be my hero. Heroine rather.

Love your blog's new look.

Kari said...

I'm feeling slightly ill after eating, eating, eating candy this all hallow's eve. I can be like you, I can- tomorrow.

ps the girls were adorable in their costumes!

Matt and Melissa said...

I once went for year without eating chips. Worst year of my life! :) No, I think it's good to set these type of goals. I snitched too much chocolate though this year!

Denise said...

Go girl! You can do it!

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