Full disclosure


In the interest of full disclosure, I had some pretty "unique" personal style myself. Yes, those are cows on my vest. I made it myself and I was extremely proud. If any of you looked your best in eighth grade, well, more power to you.

At least Sylvie has the whole "I'm only four" thing to explain her taste.


Audra said...

Love the full disclosure. Love the blog update!

Amy said...

At least you didn't have bangs a mile high!

Kari said...

Can we have a sleepover now please? Seeing that picture has made me nostalgic for that phase in our life and I really miss your waterbed. Oh, and my pink framed glasses were much cooler than those red frames :)

The Richardsons said...

I have a similar photo with brown rimmed glasses. Same hair do just a little longer. Love It!

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