Keep Austin Weird


Dave ran in the "Keep Austin Weird" 5K last night. And of course, this being Austin, there was a concert following. It was such a good time. Costumes are encouraged so we were privileged to see some of the spirit that makes our new city so unique. Running in the race there were all sorts of crazy costumes including lots of bugs, a good amount of princesses and fairies (of both genders), an armadillo, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Indiana Jones, Uncle Sam, and my personal favorite - a pinata man. One guy even did the race on stilts. Dave's going to have to up the ante next year; he ran the race as skinny white guy.

This was our girls first official rock concert. It was way fun. Pretty laid back and casual so having them run circles all over the picnic blanket was no big deal. Another late night for us, but it was worth it. We saw What Made Milwaukee Famous and Alejandro Escovedo (a favorite in our house). It was hot until sunset, but it was really beautiful being downtown next to the lake with the city skyline as the backdrop. Tessa's new personal motto is to "Keep Austin Weird!"

Mosquito Theater


We went to an outdoor production of Beauty and the Beast last night at Zilker Park. It was fantastic! This is an annual summertime thing here at the park - I think they're celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. We weren't sure what to expect for a free outdoor theater, but it was super. The costumes were beautiful. The show didn't start until sunset, around 8:30 or 9:00, so we got home pretty late. The girls really enjoyed themselves. I thought someone would fall asleep, but they saved that for the ride home at 11:00. Definitely a new annual tradition for us.

More color (!!!) for my girls


I finished painting the girls' rooms this week and am relieved to have it done. There are still a few decorative touches wanting, but the yucky part is done. The girls kept bugging me to let them paint, so I let them decorate their art table (above). I would like to point out that a good portion of the walls are white. Yes, this is a first for me. I don't think I've ever painted a wall white before. Does the orange and hot pink make up for it? I am more than incredibly sick of painting, but anyone who knows me will realize that this is just a bluff and there is sure to be more soon. I didn't include any before shots because they were incredibly boring and didn't do justice to the disgustingly dirty walls. I won't even tell you what was all over the playroom wall (formerly inhabited by a teenage boy) but removing it involved a sander. Now everything is fresh and bright (and clean).

The girls are still sharing a bedroom, but we also gave them a playroom to share right next door. This way they've got the space to spread out, but still have to figure out that sharing thing. And hopefully one day the cleaning thing.

Tessa insisted that she did NOT want to be in any pictures. Yeah, right. I think she's bluffing.

Stupid dog


Well, Cricket has fleas. Thank you Texas. We've been here less than three weeks now and the stupid dog has fleas. And worms.

Jumping girls


I'm painting the girls room this weekend so they're sleeping in the dining room (since it's not getting much use right now anyways). It's hard to say no to jumping on the bed when it's no longer 6 feet in the air... Watch the clip if you've got 2 minutes to spare. My favorite is the attack of the lips at the end.

It rained today!


I'm sure this is matter of course for everyone else in Austin, but coming from the desert it's always a moment to stop and take notice. It's been unusually dry for this time of year and this is our first rain in our new house. So nice.

You probably can't see the lovely rain, but here's the view from my front porch...

and the back...

The Alchemist


The Alchemist The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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Great little book - it really sped by. It kinda hits you over the head with it's "parable", but it was a nice message. I'm sure there's stuff there worth rereading.

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Two weeks in Austin!

Since I didn't post at the time, here's a cute pic of my girls on the airplane. The both carefully studied the emergency info guides and knew exactly what to do just in case we landed in water :) They loved it most when we passed through the clouds. It was pretty cool. They were pretty well behaved on the flight except for the one moment when Sylvie totally started wailing on Tessa for no apparent reason. And of course I was way across the aisle and had nothing to do but try and give her a stern look to get her to stop. Good mom.

But we survived the flight. And the boxes. And the mosquitoes. Thank you, Austin. I think we'll stay.

Hmmm... Yellow


I don't have real pictures yet. This is just a teaser in case you were curious what I meant by yellow. (And to show of my pretty French doors.)

We were going to install the CDs and some art this weekend to finish off the room, but of course can't find the charger for the power drill. Drill yes, charger no. Yes I am glad that I didn't have to pack my own stuff, but sometimes it's beyond ridiculous trying to find things. I still can't find the comforter for our bed. Where in the world could that one be hiding?

I am also seriously missing my plants. I bought a beautiful fern the day we moved in. I love ferns and really missed them in Phoenix. But one little plant is a far cry for the dozens that I had in Phoenix. Take good care of my plants dear friends! I'll come visit them soon.


I got back on my yoga mat this morning after way too long of a hiatus. In case you're just tuning in, my life has been a wee bit hectic these past few months. I think it's been since the big painting spree in March that I've had a regular practice. I'll probably be sore tomorrow, but it felt soooo good. I wasn't quite as out of shape as I anticipated, but I've got some work to do.

Speaking of painting sprees... I'm thinking the girls rooms are next. I was going to take my time moving through the house. But since when has that been my style? My girls are their mother's daughters and consequently have outrageous colors in mind. We'll see... I'm getting tired just thinking about it. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Photos galore


I've posted tons of pictures to my SmugMug site (back to 3/31). I'll do my best in the future to actually blog as the events happen so the pictures aren't sitting out there lonesome without my witty narrative. But for now it just feels good to get them out there. You can make up your own story to our various adventures!

Email me if you don't have the password.


I finally have internet access! You would expect these thing to be routine, but it seems like it's always hours of troubleshooting while I watch feeling frustrated and wondering if it's really as hard as they make it look. But anyways... The house is moving along surely but slowly. I painted my office Wednesday/Thursday and it's nice and cheery (warning - this is a first try for me with the yellow and it's a little intense, but it's growing on me). I'll take some pictures later one we get our ginormous wall of CDs installed and some books on the shelves. It's great to have one room in the house that feels like mine.

I'm wondering what percentage of our four hundred and sixty something items from the moving truck were boxes of books and CDs.

There are birds in my backyard!


I saw a blue jay yesterday, and something small and red is sitting on my back fence right now. Dave said he saw a cardinal earlier. This might be no big deal to those of you in green parts of the U.S., but I don't remember seeing anything but pigeons in Phoenix. (Yes, that is an exaggeration, but at least nothing blue or red.) Definitely need to get a field guide.

One of the main reasons we bought this house was for the incredible windows. I'm sitting now in my breakfast room enjoying our lush (code for over grown) and ever so green back yard. Sorry Phoenicians, I'll try to stop bragging. Maybe tomorrow I'll blog about the scary bugs, that should even things out a bit.

Empty? Did I say empty?

My house is a maze of boxes. I'm feeling down on modern life and all of our stuff today.



I'm sitting here on my empty floor for (hopefully) the last time. The movers are scheduled to be here within the hour and I'm excited to get my STUFF. No matter that the furniture we have doesn't actually fit in our new house, at least we'll have a place to sit down. And I'm equally excited for our new fridge to arrive. It is our first new appliance in a very long time (and probably for a good time to come) so I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm starting to really love this house. I think the floor plan will really suit our family's needs. Dave insists that the dining room and living room are wasted space, but I'm determined that they won't be. The view out the front windows from those spaces is too great to waste. I'm sure it will be a while (years) until the house is furnished to my taste, but this will be a good exercise for my patience. (Yes, I do have some.)

Just a side note: yes, it's hot and humid. But it's a way different kind of heat than Phoenix. I'm not so worried as I was before we got here. I can see that the sogginess will get old pretty fast, but at least my face doesn't feel like it's going to burn off when we cross a parking lot. We'll see how I feel in July.

We're here!


After a lot of stress and runaround yesterday, we got they keys to our new house and we're happily camped in for the weekend - even though our furniture won't be here until Monday. I'm sitting now in my family room on a stack of beach towels looking out across an empty room. But the huge window looking into our backyard is more than enough consolation. It's so beautiful here. We're definitely in for a crash course in gardening; things are a little overgrown. But green!

Thankfully I have one neighbor trusting enough to leave off encryption on his wireless internet so I'm stealing some bandwidth today. Ours doesn't get installed until next Friday so it's going to be a very long week. Sometimes I take for grated how wired I am and what connection that affords me with my friends and family.

Rained today.



This weeks sucks!!! I'm sick of telling all my dear friends here in Phoenix goodbye. I keep trying to focus on the positives (and I am looking forward to Austin) but pretty much right now it just sucks.

I sent Dave off in the car with our dog Cricket this morning. Unfortunately Cricket is too fat to fit on the plane so Dave's driving to Texas today. I would feel terrible about the whole driving thing, but I think Dave's actually looking forward to it (crazy man). The girls and I are off on a plane tomorrow. I'm wondering when this is going to feel real. Maybe when we land in Austin. Maybe when we get our house keys. Maybe when I can stop crying every time I think of a friend.

So hard


Do I even need to articulate how hard it was to say goodbye to everyone at church today? This ward has been a great family to me and I will miss everyone tremendously. I just wish I was one of those people who can cry beautifully.