Beginning of the end


I can't believe our time here in Phoenix is almost done. I was in Seattle this week and it was the last big thing I had on my calendar before the move. It seems like I've always had one more big thing to look at before it was a reality - and now they've all happened. On my flight home yesterday it really hit me hard. I'm going to be incredibly sad to leave, even though I know good things are waiting for us in Austin.

I have no pictures because all of my cords and such are on a truck somewhere between here and Texas, but I got some great shots in Seattle. This was my first time there and it was lovely. I kinda fell in love. I had such a great time while I was there (work conference, did I mention that?). This was my first trip away for so long - three nights, four days - since Tessa was born. I missed home, but it was really relaxing to have time to myself after such a busy semester at work. I had super fun hanging out with people from work.

I'll try to post pictures as soon as I'm able. Heaven knows my ramblings are more interesting when there's a picture or two to break up the monotony.

Too much


What a week!

Our house closed today here in Phoenix. It feels so strange to be without a place. Poor Sylvie gets confused in her syntax when discussing where we live/lived/will live. And so do I. But to compound all the crazy emotion of boxing up our lives and watching it all drive away on a truck, we also had Dave's car die, my keys get stolen, today was my last day as acting director of my department, and today was also Tessa's last day of 1st grade. Whoa!

All I want is to sleep in tomorrow. Good luck.

Are we technically homeless?


So we're here in our little apartment. It's been a little surreal. I was at the house today for a while watching the guys box up my life. That was really strange. But let me just state for the millionth time how grateful I am that I'm not the one doing the boxing.



Our sellers finally (and I mean finally) agreed to fix the roof. What a relief. We were starting to get nervous. They've been dragging their feet and we've had to threaten to back out twice now. Of course we love the house, but we're not going to pay good money for a house that they've worn to bits and not maintained. There were a bunch of other items on the list too, all to be fixed before close. Yay!

Today was my last Saturday morning sleeping in while living in this house. (If you can call 7:30 sleeping in.) It's finally starting to sink in. Because we're fortunate enough to have movers packing up the house for us we haven't really had much preparation to do. This is of course wonderful, but it's made the move seem off in the distance. But it's just a few days now that we'll be off to our "vacation" in our furnished apartment. The girls are just ecstatic that there's a pool.