Crazy week!


We sold, we bought.

We sold last Wednesday and we headed off to Austin this weekend to shop for a home. We ended up in a multiple offer situation but came out on top. How lucky are we to sell in a buyers market only to turn around and buy in a sellers market? That's fun. But it's all worked out for the best because we are soon to be the proud owners of not one, but two fantastic oak trees with the house that happens to sit in between them. Here's a shot of the one in front and there's another just as great in the back yard.

We're still exhausted and probably will remain so until we're settled. But at least we're happy and exhausted.

And the other room I couldn't paint again


Tessa's room was the first room we painted when we moved into our house 6 1/2 years ago. And then when Sylvie was old enough to move in for real we let them pick colors out together and we did it all again. No way am I doing it once more. We should get stock in Kilz.

First round:

Second round:

Home for sale


Our house is officially on the market as of today. It's a strange feeling in this buyers market. Knowing that we always have to be ready, but that probably on any given day no one will even come by. I of course am hoping for a quick sale, but it's hard to imagine it happening.