An homage to my colorful home


Of course I always knew I'd have to paint before we sold. I'm not sure Dave understood the ramifications when I asked him a few years ago to paint our ceilings purple and green though. So I took my spring break and painted the house fresh. Goodbye lovely colors and cozy rooms, hello beige! We did five rooms in five days. (I repeat this a lot since it feels like a badge of honor.)

Bedroom/office before:
And after:

Kitchen before:

And after:

And my living room, which I couldn't bear to paint:

Beginning of change


This picture represents the moment in time when I fell in love with Austin. Dave and I had really liked the idea of Austin for a while, but I'd never actually been there. Well, we got that chance earlier this month. Dave's company is closing up shop here in Phoenix and has given him a relocation offer to any of their other offices. L.A., Chicago, New York... nope. We'll take Austin. So they flew us out to make our decision and we both fell in love. So we're putting our house on the market next week and we're headed for Texas this summer. It's going to be a big change, but it feels right and we're really excited. This is the first time we've made a big decision like this. Last time we moved across state borders it was for grad school and felt less permanent. Little did we know that we'd live in Phoenix for almost a decade and have our two daughters here. We've learned to like it here - and yes the summers are more tolerable each year. But we're ready for change and change we will.