Year in Review 2007


Merry Christmas All!

We’re feeling efficient and brief this year. So we’ll do away with the intermediary comments and give you the highlights Top 5 style.

  • New job (much closer to home)
  • Favorite concert of the year: John Hiatt, Guy Clark & Joe Ely (5 pts if you’ve heard of any of them)
  • Hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim in one day
  • Saw the Red Sox in the World Series with his own two eyes (sorry Rockies fans)
  • Finally ran first marathon (first of ???)

  • Four root canals
  • Found out she has really high cholesterol
  • Diagnosed with asthma
  • Two promotions in one day (it can’t all be bad, can it?)
  • Still alive!

  • Turned 6 in February
  • Successfully convinced Amber to take her to the science center umpteen times
  • Started and remains triumphant in 1st Grade
  • Started swim lessons and contemplating growing gills
  • Read well over 100 books this year (Parents wish they had stock in Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones)

  • Turned 3 in July
  • Lives for pre-school
  • Sweetly obsessed with Nursery Rhymes (only recited in the same order in which they appear in her book)
  • 70% of communication accomplished with one word, “Hmmph!”
  • Is not small (and don’t dare to tell her otherwise)

All Together Now...
  • Entered the world of dog ownership
  • Annual summer trek to beautiful Utah/Wyoming
  • Survived Phoenix summer for the 9th time (whoa!)
  • Super fun quick trip to Colorado over Halloween so Dave could see the Red Sox in the World Series. (thanks again for the ticket, Byron!!!)
  • So grateful for friends and family. Especially during the Christmas season.