Year in Review 2004


Merry Christmas!

And now we are four. This year’s banner event was the arrival of our beautiful Sylvie. (Although Dave might argue that it was the Red Sox so triumphantly winning the World Series.) She arrived the last day of July, about 30 minutes before Amber was scheduled to be induced. Needless to say, it was a VERY long July at our house. Amber’s labor was all natural and very peaceful. Sylvie came very quickly at the end; she slipped into the hands of our doula before any of the nurses or doctors could arrive. It was beautiful. Sylvie has been a mellow and happy girl from the start. She is very healthy and growing well. She is quite the talker right now. And she’s just starting to get mobile. Let the fun begin!

Tessa is in love with being the big sister. She really enjoys making Sylvie laugh. She seems like such a big kid now. However, her newest complaint is that she “doesn’t always want to be three”. Tessa has been attending a craft class at our community center this year and she loves going to “school”. Tessa is forever in love with playing dress-up and wants to be a princess when she grows up. (Earlier in the year the answer to that question was a pink and purple butterfly.) She has developed very good social skills. She loves playing with her gaggle of friends and makes new ones very easily. Tessa is also exploring new territory in humor and has become quite a jokester. She is so smart and has an inquisitive and open mind.

Dave has taken up running this year. He has competed in three 5K races this year and his next goal is a 10K race this Spring. His progress has been great. Dave continues to be busy at work and home. He put in our long awaited lawn this Spring and it’s lovely.

Amber is busy with work and girls and trying to regain her brain cells from pregnancy. Yoga and reading keep her sane (most of the time). Her next big project is decorating our bedroom. The last room in our house needing an overhaul. (Wahoo!)