Year in Review 2003


Merry Christmas!

Here we are with another year in Arizona under our belts. It feels strange to report that we’ve now been in Phoenix longer than Salt Lake. We had (of course) record heat this summer, but now that the weather is cooled down we are once again loving the balmy winter.

Dave is still working for Market Solutions Group, now as a Research Analyst. It’s a good direction for his career and keeps him quite busy. Amber is still working for Glendale Community College in the Research Office – and still gratefully working mostly from home.

Tessa has had a great year. She still amazes us each day. She’ll be three in February and is so smart and kind and funny. Her latest and greatest accomplishment is to “hop on one foot” – she’s been working on it for months. She still defines being big as being able to “do the jump rope and the pogo stick”. Maybe next year. She is obsessed with hats and lollipops and Dora the Explorer. And she is crazy good at puzzles. We’ve been working more on the house this year. We just finished decorating the kitchen with much help from Amber’s mom and it looks fantastic. Much to our chagrin, we still have no grass, but we’re really, really, really committed to doing the back yard later this winter. (Really!)

We wish you all peace and love during the Christmas season and though the New Year.