Year in Review 2002


Holiday Greetings!

It would be pretty much impossible to match the events of last year (graduate, baby, job, and house). So I guess you could call this our “settling-in” year. But we’re all still pretty cute so this year we’ll fill up the newsletter with pictures instead of life-altering events.

Tessa had her first birthday February 22nd. She was of course overwhelmed, but loved the cake (her first taste). Dave’s dad Norm came down for her birthday and while he was here he helped us extend our back patio. It’s lovely. Hopefully we’ll soon get grass back there too. The previous owners were far too fond of rock and cactus. It’s easy maintenance, but Tessa needs a place to run and get stains on her pants.

We took our summer vacation in July this year. We loaded up the car and headed north for a road trip. We started in Cedar City with the Shakespearean Festival and lots of hiking in Bryce. Then we moved north to see friends and family in the Wasatch Front. Next we were on to Wyoming to see more of Dave’s family. Our last stop was Denver to stay with good friends. Amazingly enough Tessa (and therefore her parents) survived the road very well. It was a great trip.

Tessa started nursery at church in August. It was probably the most liberating thing that has happened to us since she was born. There are a million kids her age in our ward and nursery became her favorite thing from day one. Dave has been serving as Elder’s Quorum Secretary this year and Amber was called as Young Women’s Secretary. We are both enjoying our callings – our ward is great. We’ve made some really good friends and are so happy we ended up here.

Our house is shaping up month by month. This year we tackled the living room. We even bought some furniture – which is what we’ve been dreaming of forever. The walls are a yummy red color that is beyond fantastic. Everyone should try it!

We send our love to everyone. Have a merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.